Low-cost, low-risk solutions for sourcing from China

China Outsourcing Limited provides low cost, low risk manufacturing solutions to customers wishing to reduce production and supply costs. We are much more than just an introduction agent – you place your order on China Outsourcing and we take full responsibility for price, quality and on-time delivery.

Why use China Outsourcing Limited

  • UK Supplier with vastly reduced production and supply costs
  • We take responsibility for the Whole Supply Process
  • Continuous Quality Assured
  • On-time Delivery Assured
  • Reduce Travel and In-country Support Costs
  • Use our 16 year pedigree to get it right first time

From our offices in the UK and China, our experienced engineering, quality and procurement team will take care of all aspects of the manufacturing process on your behalf whilst you deal solely with our UK office – just as you would with any other UK based supplier.

Whatever the size of your company or requirement, China Outsourcing Limited will create a bespoke, low cost, sub-contract manufacturing programme that is right for you.

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